Site Maintenance Skip The Social Media Management Plugins On Wordpress!

Skip The Social Media Management Plugins On Wordpress!

Whether you're running a personal blog or a business website, it's important to have the best social media tools for monitoring the success of your performance on social media websites. And while some platforms may give you a leg up, with Wordpress often you're at the mercy of the best recommended plugins for social media monitoring. How do you know which social media management tools offer the best functions? Which ones offer the strongest security or the most perks?

Many of the best tools one can use are, unfortunately, specially designed to function only with specific networks. But especially for smaller websites, specializing isn't such a bad idea; it's usually better to get more detailed data in a single area than mediocre information in many!


If you're looking for a great way to share updates on multiple social profiles, Buffer is a fantastic tool! It can project and schedule updates and posts for a week or month in advance, and also packages in link shortening and analytics. It's a browser extension, not a plugin, so you don't need to worry about possibly compromising your Wordpress website's security.


This is a great management tool for multiple social media profiles, and is simple enough that even novices can use it pretty effectively. It's an easy interface to use and to learn. But more importantly, it can allow your firm to operate with teams, to share comments and updates, and communicate effectively. Hootsuite also offers link shortening and analytics.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers intense, in-depth, and detailed social media analytics on engagement and posts, geared specifically for social media marketers. You can track conversations and streams, and it provides a holistic view and rating of your performance. It also can quickly pull up account histories, and can add teams or multiple accounts all from one dashboard. Unfortunately, it's a paid service, so if you need a free option, you'd best overlook Sprout.


Followerwonk is geared towards Twitter, specifically, and gives analysis on your followers. This is great if you're needing to target demographics or analyze users for any other metric. It can analyze profiles, compare, track, and even sort different Twitter followers. If you want to expand or grow your Twitter followers quickly and with incredible targeting, this is a great tool!


Sysomos is another all-purpose social media monitoring software which has a global reach and operates in many different languages. That's a must, for most international teams! It can help identify key influencers, grade your campaigns, and even has dedicated customer service. It also has built-in tools to identify opportunities, and really the biggest flaw is that any single account is usually limited to 5 users unless you're willing to pay extra.


Businesses monitoring many different social media profiles might find that Beevolve is an incredibly useful alternative to single-platform monitoring software. It tracks mentions and can schedule post, and has an in-house produced algorithm which can calculate revenues based off of social media activity. Probably one of the best ways to easily measure ROI available on the market!

The Bottom Line

It's not always necessary or advisable to use Wordpress plugins to monitor social media activity! In fact, a lot of the best social media monitoring tools aren't Wordpress plugins at all, but third-party software which won't compromise your website. Some of them even plug right into your browser, so you can monitor progress without logging into your website backend. From Sysomos to Sprout Social, the options run the gamut. Some are geared towards specific social media platforms, while others generalize and offer analytics and information for all your social media profiles!

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