The Four Primary Types of Game Sites

The video gaming business is a multibillion-dollar industry that has more subgenres and categories than people realize. As a result of that, when it comes to developing a site for the industry, the developer will have to first know which type of a website the client needs for that particular project. To illustrate the point, here are some popular types of gaming websites, along with examples of each to illustrate how the real pros do it.

Dedicated Game Sites

Sometimes, game developers decide to not just make a separate page for their new game on the main website, but an actual, dedicated site for a particular game. These are generally used for promoting and selling the game, community building, customer support, selling associated merchandise, providing guides, holding contests, posting updates via the blog, etc. An excellent example of such a site would be PlayStation’s own dedicated page for their biggest hit of the year, God of War, or the site dedicated to Divinity: Original Sin 2, which is arguably, the best pen and paper style RPG ever made.

The Developer’s Corporate Site

Some game developers prefer a dedicated corporate site for them to publish and list typical business information such as recruitment openings, investment opportunities, developer portfolios, work history, etc. Others might just simply add a section to the main site for the same though. In both situations, the idea is to create a website or add a new section to an existing one that represents the business side of things. Check out the UBISOFT page to see a perfect example of this.

The Online Casino Site

Millions of people in the United Kingdom play games on a casino online UK and a good percentage of them win money every day of the year. As you can imagine, this means that developing such a website is a very challenging job. Take Novibet for example, which hosts embedded slot games, card games, live casino games, roulette, progressive jackpots, virtual sports betting, and so much more. This makes developing such a site extremely complex and it’s definitely not an easy job by any means. As people bet and win actual money here, this means that it must also be reliable and secure for the casino to get the necessary licenses and to earn a good reputation.

Game Info Site

Unlike a promotional site that’s dedicated to a particular game, gaming info sites like IGN and GameSpot are actually dedicated news and info sites for gamers, created by gaming journalists to provide reviews, overviews, updates and more to gamers from around the world. They are similar to a complex blogsite, but the size and scope of the project varies from client to client. This is, of course, just an introduction as there are many more variations of these four types of game-related sites that we just discussed here, but nonetheless, these are the primary genres of game sites that most of them fall into. Sometimes just one site may have a bit of everything too.

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