The Importance of a Blog on a Well-Designed Website

Throughout this article I will be covering why I believe blogging is a very important part of your personal or business website and why you should learn to create a blog. Some key points to consider that I will expand on throughout this article are:

    Why should I learn to create a blog?
  • Increase your websites frequent traffic
  • Increase the SEO of your website
  • Develop better relationships with your readers
  • Your audience will think of you as a 'person' instead of a website
Blogging increases your Websites Frequent Traffic

Blogging is a great way to keep visitors returning to your site to check on the newest post from you. Your blog post may also link to similar pages on your blog increasing reader traffic to older blog posts and develop interest in your other content as well.

You may also utilize blogging as a way to demonstrate your expertise or authority on a certain topic or field such as technology, science, or product reviews for products such as mobile phones or games.

importance of a blog

Another idea is to use blog space as a tutorial page; maybe teaching someone how to use Microsoft Excel or how to knit, or even a new language; start with the easiest parts first and slowly get more advanced to keep old readers coming back and new users interested in old posts.

Increase the Search Engine Optimization of Your Website

Blog posts are an excellent opportunity to use keywords repetitively in order to get your website to climb the search engine rankings. Before making a blog consider the goal of your website - and what kind of audience you would like to attract. After that you may begin writing blog posts themed around that, repeating keywords to jump your website up on Google or Bing's result pages in a meaningful way.

Blogging will also naturally increase your pages ranking if you just blog and don't have a consistent theme or list of keywords to repeat. Actively creating new content on your website will cause your website to jump up in ranking as well.

Combining blogging with frequent use of keywords and themes is a great way to broaden your reading audience and increase your SEO at the same time.

Develop a Better Relationship with your Readers

Having a blog on your website makes you feel less like a company or an entity and more like a person. Your readers will feel more compelled to interact with your website, share your website and return if they feel more like you're a person and not a large, uncaring company.

Similarly, as I mentioned above you may blog tutorials out, you may also build a sense of trust and authority over your field with your readers.

Your Audience Will Think of You as a 'Person' Instead of a Website

In this day and age it is very often easy to forget that there's a person behind the content of a website or behind companies. Blogging is a great way to circumvent that as it gives people a sense of personalization and reminds the reader of the website that there is still an actual person behind the website at the end of the day.

This requires more than simply blogging and closing off the interaction there, however. To give the full impression that you're a person and not a business, company or the like, you must be willing to set some time down to reply to user interaction such as comments, tweets and Facebook posts regarding your website or field of expertise.

importance of a blog

For example, take the time to write a meaningful reply to a comment on an article or a question on a tutorial you wrote on your blog to give a more 'approachable' feel to your entire audience.

In closing I think if you're going to make your website memorable or create a desire to return to your website, no matter what the purpose of your website is, you absolutely need to learn to create a blog. Pre-plan what your blog posts will primarily be about and keep content consistent, and make blog posts semi-regular; don't go for long periods without posting anything, if you can.

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