The Proper Company Design Is 60% Success, Isn't It?

Most business people believe that the company's design is a logo and website and that these components are not so important in their business. However, this is a wrong judgment.

A design consists of a couple of basic blocks - design and meaning. In addition, it contains a huge set of elements: corporate identity and logo of the company, website, office, appearance of employees, external advertising, design of social networks (check these free mockups). All without exception that somehow interacts with your clients and employees. It is necessary to pay special attention to design, in the formation and development of the company.

Consequently, why is packaging so important?

Stand out among your competitors

More than 4,500,000 businesses are opened every year around the world. Any niche is already saturated. There are only a few market leaders.


When a company is properly formed, all the meanings are thought over for Central Asia, not for the personal preferences of the manager, people start to trust your company.

You will be remembered

Your brand is lost among others - it is unlikely to be remembered. The brain does not perceive images better than text. The visual memory is 40% better developed than all others.

Increase in average check

Everybody wants to sell more while spending as little on promotion as possible. But before selling, there's the packaging. They meet us by our clothes, they judge through our minds. That's an actual saying.

Buy more expensive

A man of a mass of the same sentence sees yours. The customer is ready to buy from you, even if the cost is higher than the competitors. Properly implemented company design makes the cost of your services/products higher.

What is worth remembering when working with large customers

Big companies are big politics. There should be an experienced specialist in the team who knows who to talk to, how to convince and what data to operate when communicating with each participant. Without such skills, you will not be able to work with corporations.

Contract on shore - about processes and responsible on each side, about responsibility areas and decision making. Put together a pool of questions to get started so you don't miss important details.

Write quality checklists - so the team can check each other and not waste the time of the lead designer to correct typical mistakes.

Learn to justify, do not doubt in decisions - first, you will be asked for good service, then they will say "and I work differently". If you agree to do service for the customer, not for the user, the result will be an inconvenient product. So argue: figures, knowledge and usability studies will help.

Remember that you are in one team - the responsibility lies not only on you but also on the customer. And there are deadlines both for you and him. Therefore, in order not to waste time on taste, designate time for corrections and set the right of the last word.

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