The Revival of Sports Mascots Through Social Media

Mascots were all the rage in the 1960s. Television brought them front and center to show off their characters. They're making a resurgence today utilizing social media to develop their brands along with their stories.

Bringing Back The Mascot

Social media is a place to bring in millions of people to the consumer marketplace. Ad agencies and companies are taking note and using mascots more for social media engagement. Social media platforms let these companies have unlimited space and time to show off for their business. Marketers jump on this bandwagon as they're about to introduce new mascots and storylines. Users feel a connection to these mascots as they begin to follow their stories.

Mascot Marketing Strategies

Team Up With Social Media Influencers

The Chicago Bulls mascot has become the most followed furry fellow on TikTok. His work with other social media influencers has increased the team's popularity and provided entertainment along the way. The secret to success like this is to team up with other influencers that work well with your brand and mascot.

Find A Good Balance

The best thing to do with your mascot is to find how to incorporate pop culture into your team. Then you add entertainment. TikTok is predominantly about music. People seem to love when anyone's platform is synced to music. If your mascot can get their groove on, people eat it right up.

Do A Sweepstakes

It's popular to partner your mascot with your potential consumer. You can do sweepstakes that are relevant to your brand. This gets everyone involved with the brand. The mascots can team up with familiar figures to do giveaways. One great thing about TikTok is that everyone seems to love a good duet between a consumer and a mascot.

Go For The Element Of Suprise

Mascots are making it big on social media in surprising ways. This means they love to surprise their potential fans. The Indianapolis Colts' mascot, Blue, jumped out and scared people in a few videos on social media making everyone laugh. The element of surprise is fun when it's done by a cute mascot.

Tell Funny Stories

Social media is about telling a story in a short period of time. Mascots do a great job of telling funny little stories on social media. it doesn't have to be a 30-minute sitcom to make a mark. Mascots know how to make their mark and do their best marketing in a shorter period of time to really reach viewers.

Tug At the Heart

Mascots know ho wot pull at those heartstrings. People love a feel-good story on social media. Short little blurbs about life or a cool slice of someone's story grabs the heart. Teams can pull in their fans with a great feel-good moment from their history. They can even share funny stories from their history. A mascot gives them an amusing, cool way to pull people into their brand.

Final Words

Furry influencers often bring in a lot more consumers than everyday people. They're easy to relate to, they're fun and they're simple. They're success is bringing a new life to mascots all around and to companies worldwide.

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