Miscellaneous Tips for Effective Invoicing for Web Designers

Tips for Effective Invoicing for Web Designers

Fawad.Malik Miscellaneous Oct 12, 2017

The number of freelancing professionals related to IT and ITES has increased over the years. This holds particularly true for the professionals that are engaged in developing websites and designing them.

It has been observed that online entrepreneurs are hiring the services of responsive web designers that build websites not just for desktops but also for their hand held devices. However, just as the opportunities for these professionals increase, it becomes even more important for them to send out their billing information in a very systematic manner so that the efforts and hard work gets rewarded in a justified manner.

In this write-up, let us find out efficient invoicing tips for these very professionals. So, read on for better insight.

Tips for better invoicing for web designers

Keep track of your work and find out how much your clients owe to you by maintaining this data sheet so that you can refer to it as and when required.

1. Try and be specific

It goes without saying that when you are into freelancing work, there must be certain set of rules and principles that you abide by. It is best not just in your interest but also in the interest of your client that you clarify these rules and principles.

Make a separate section that will contain remarks under this section if required. For instance, if you want your clients to make their payment within a stipulated date, mention the same.

Not just that you will come across many such clients that delay their payments deliberately, as such, it is best to mention the interest that they will have to shell out in these cases. Make sure you incorporate this feature in the invoice that you are preparing.

2. Time your invoice

Most importantly, you must schedule a particular date within which the payment has to be made. At the most, you could be flexible for a week but not more than that. So, you can mention that too in the invoice that you will be sending to your client.

Unless you send the invoice on time, you should not expect to get paid on time. Designing a website is a creative aspect that involves both front-end and backend tasks.

The moment you complete anyone of the two, you can start creating or filling up the invoice with the help of your team members, in case you are working in a team.

3. Be creative with your invoice designs

As far as invoice designs are concerned, if you don’t have the time to design your own due to time constraint, you can always, check out You can choose from a wide array of options in their invoice template gallery that you can try out and zero-in on.

Opt for one that can be accessed just with a click of a button. There are invoice designing software solutions to choose from. Since you are in this creative field wherein you exhibit your best creative attributes, complement the same with an invoice that speaks volumes about your creativity. Most importantly, it should be easy to use and simple to understand and verify.

4. Incorporate details

Opt for an invoice that allows you to show the breakup of the bills that you are sending to your client step-wise. For instance, design an invoice that will include the different procedures that you are charging your client for.

For instance, you can have separate sections for programming, language, front end and back end jobs, content, which in turn can have different sections like text, videos, pictures, and so on. In this way, not just you even your client will get clarity of the invoice that you are sending him and the different attributes of the same.

5. Draw up a price list

The invoice you are planning to send to the client should also have the price list. The price you are quoting should essentially reflect the total number of years you have been in this profession. It is necessary to have a professional touch and not just random pricing of services that are offered within the purview of web designing services.

There are few factors that will determine the price list you chalk out and these include the following

  • Your total years of experience
  • Credibility
  • Past track record
  • Number of team members
  • Number of successful assignments
6. Quote realistic prices

In the event you are being asked for an estimate of a project that you might be asked to complete, quote prices that are realistic and not one that appears to be too high or too low. This is because if the amount you are quoting is too low, the quality of work you deliver will be questionable.

On the other hand, if the price you quote is too high, you will perhaps lose out on the client to your competitor. As such, quote a price that will be practical and affordable for the clients. This is because it is better to have repeat and also new clients in your clientele list.


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