Top 5 Mistakes Users Make When Choosing a Web Host Provider

Whether you're looking to create a website for your business or you want to start a personal blog, you're going to need to purchase web hosting. As the power behind your website, your web host will determine how quickly your website runs, what problems it runs into, and how quickly issues can be resolved.

While it may seem like your hosting is not as important as what you actually put on your web page, it in many ways is even more important. Without a strong web host, you could constantly be running into problems, down time, and other issues with your server. You want to ensure that your web host is trusted and reliable when it comes to solving problems and ensuring your website is the best it can be.

All too often, people make the wrong choices when selecting their web host. They fall for mistakes and they come back to bite them after the website is set up. If you're looking to create a new website, here are some common web host selection mistakes that people make:

Not Reading Reviews

If anything, the Internet is turning into one giant review board, so there is really no excuse for not reading reviews before selecting a service. Even a web host claims to the "best" or on the "top" of their industry, chances are you can find 20 other providers all making claims about the same thing.

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Be sure to properly do your research before selecting a web host. Don't allow yourself to fall for sponsored posts or less than genuine reviews of providers. Instead, select a company that has as strong and powerful backing and comes recommended by someone that you trust.

Only Looking at Price

If you're a small company on a budget, finding the right price for your web host is probably incredibly important to you. You want to save money where you can in order to use that bit of cash somewhere else. That's understandable and everyone does it, but you need to pick and choose the places that saving a few extra bucks is really worth it.

For the most part, hosting isn't expensive to begin with. While you may be able to find a web hosting deal for just $2 or $3 a month, you need to know that there is a good chance you're going to get exactly what you're paying for. If there is a deal with a company that you trust, go ahead and purchase it. If you're going to select a sketchy service because of a low, low price, you better expect to deal with some issues.

Not Considering the Future

When you are creating your website, you're probably looking at what you need to accommodate now. You may not have many followers or readers and you can afford to have a smaller hosting package for the time being. This may lead you to select a smaller company with more focused services for small business.

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While this package may be a great deal now, you're going to have a few headaches when you start to grow. As you gain more readers, followers, and customers, your website is going to have more traffic and your host is going to need to up their game to keep everything running smoothly. If you begin your process with a smaller package or smaller company, you may struggle to get what you need out of it in the future.

For larger hosting companies that offer different level packages, it isn't as big a deal to select something smaller. As long as there is room to move up in the company, they will understand what needs to be done to take you to the next level. Problems arise when you need to transfer your website from Host A to Host B.

Not Knowing Your Needs

If you don't know what the needs of your website are, you can't expect to purchase web hosting that fits that idea. You may also end up paying for something that you don't really need or will ever use.

Instead of allowing yourself to get caught up in the sale, do your research and develop a list of "musts" that you need to get out of your host. If that company can't meet what you've written on that list, don't waste your time. Your needs are only going to continue to grow, so better to just move on to the next one.

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Selecting a New Company

When companies are just starting out, they typically offer deals to customers who choose to work with them. While this can be tempting, it also means you're probably going to be a set of guinea pigs for the company to work out kinks, figure out what needs to be done, and how things should run. They may not have systems already in place and you're going to be the one to suffer because of it.

When it comes to your web host, you can't deal with the trial and error that tends to come with new companies trying to find their footing. You also run the risk of losing your website if that hosting company goes under. No matter how tempting the deal, it is always better to stick with a strong company with a great reputation.

One of the biggest problems when selecting a web host is jumping into purchasing too quickly. You're excited about getting your website started and you just want to get moving. But no matter how ready you are to get started with your creation, taking the time to slow down and really see what you need to be successful will pay off. Spending just a few hours researching, comparing, and shopping can save you hundreds of dollars and a big head ache in the long run.

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