Top 7 Tips for Creating Incredibly Successful Infographics

Infographics have become more and more popular and the production rate is increasing by at least 1% each day. More and more companies are using infographics in the marketing strategies because they do bring incredible results. The website traffic of businesses that use infographics grow up to 12% more than businesses who don’t. Visual content is always very powerful and tends to be more engaging compared to text because majority of people are visual learners. With this in mind, how do you create incredible infographics?

Do some research

First of all, in order for you to create awesome infographic, you need to know what others are creating. You need to know what has been done so you can avoid doing it and stand out from the rest. Research some of the most popular infographics and the kind of elements they have in common. Pinterest is one of the best places to find infographics. Check the ones that have been pinned the most to see what appeals to the public. Gauge which infographic send the strongest messages and engages viewers to either comment or share the content.

Come up with awesome ideas of your own

The most important part of your infographic is the basis. Analogy is the most effective techniques you can possibly use. Before you start creating your own, establish the purpose of your infographic. Do you wanted to be funny? Surprising? Or serious? Regardless of your goals, you should aim to inspire and educate the audience.

Your data should be top-notch

The data you use on your infographic should be relevant to the message you're trying to send across. Be unique as well as interesting enough for your customers to actually look at it, don't create something that people can find elsewhere. Make sure your sources are reputable so your customers will trust you. Check your facts before you post your infographic.

Simplicity should be your aim

Your infographic style needs to be simple yet consistent so limit the number of fonts you use and stick to just one style and color scheme. The connections between the sections should be visible.

Tell interesting stories

The data you choose should be able to back up the main story you are trying to tell. Infographics should not be used simply for curiosity facts. Any information you choose to include should add to your main story. Choose the right size of your infographic because loading time plays a major role in customer engagement. Use a compressed format so that it doesn't take too long for it to load on your website.

Optimize your infographic for sharing

Infographics drive a lot of traffic but you need to optimize them so that they are easy to share. You should also share it on all your social media platforms. Using infographic tools and getting ideas for infographics from Visme is incredibly easy and you should be able to optimize it for sharing and make it easier for your visitors to share all that information with friends. You can create special images for Facebook and add it to your blog page, and ensure you write attention-grabbing headlines before you start sharing it.

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