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Miscellaneous Photoshop Tutorials

Miscellaneous Photoshop TutorialsMiscellaneous category is a collection of articles and various tutorials on the widest range of topics that do not correspond with any other category, obviously. Here you’ll learn how to create animations with Photoshop, create a slideshow with sound effects, create custom actions, to name just a few.
In this Photoshop CS3 Extended video tutorial you will learn how to Work with the Timeline Animation feature, and video layers, to develop creative animations.
Learn how to create simple slide shows using the Timeline Animation feature and complete your production with imported sound files.
Discover how to work with the Timeline animation feature to paint, smudge, and clone over time.
Learn the subtle qualities of the Deep, and Shallow, Knockout feature.
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Discover two different techniques for processing multiple exposures of the night sky for still and animated images.
Photoshop video tutorial about Camera Raw excitement.
This Photoshop CS3 video tutorial reveals some great tips and techniques for working with a sequence of time lapse images.
Learn the basics of the Timeline and frame-based animation features with this simple project.
Clear up the confusion about importing sound into Adobe Photoshop Extended.
Learn how to Import multi-layered, Adobe Illustrator CS3 documents, into Adobe Photoshop CS3 as Smart Objects.