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PhotoshopPhotoshop is an amazing tool, you can create anything visual with it. In this category you’ll find tons and tons of amazing tutorials that will teach you how to create anything from the smallest elements to whole layouts. Learn to become Photoshop master step by step.
In this tutorial you will learn to turn an image into an old photo using this technique.
In this tutorial you will learn the difference between vibrance and saturation in Photoshop CS4
In this tutorial YOU WILL LEARN how to take a picture of poor STANS run down record store and turn it into a cool evening image complete with animated neon lights using Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Make a glamour and somewhat bold artistic photo montage of a female model. Hue and Saturation adjustment techniques are covered and explained.
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In this video tutorial you'll learn about non-destructive editiing using Smart Objects in CS4.
In this video tutorial you'll see how to convert a photo into an artistic black and white in Lightroom.
In this video tutorial you'll see how to sharpen your images using insharp mask in CS4.
New tools for aligning and auto-blending layers with panoramic images in Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Fans of the apple phone will appreciate this stunning image manip that just emphasizes flawless looks of the gadget.
Here we go ahead and work with Photoshop CS4 Extended, specifically the 3D construction and editing engine. We will create a cool abstract 3D shape which is different every time you make it and we then check out some cool techniques to convert it to a smooth icy looking shape.