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Fans of the apple phone will appreciate this stunning image manip that just emphasizes flawless looks of the gadget.
This tutorial will show you how to turn objects into gold.
In this tutorial you will see howyou can curve some words on a wooden surface by the means of Adobe Photoshop.
<span>Editor's Pick of June, 2009</span><br/>Create fiery counters to make anything radiate the burning light. A Photoshop tutorial on how to come up with a stunning result by just playing around with blending options of a layer.
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Create new 500x500 transparent document. <br/> Filter->Render->Clouds Filter->Stylize->Find edges Image->Adjustements->Invert <br/> Image->Adjutement->Hue/Saturation use these settings: Colorize-checked Hue: 190 Saturation: 100 Lightness: +15 Now zoom out image (ctrl-)
First open the image you wish to cell shade. i will be using this car. now go to Filter>Stylize>Find Edges and your image should now look like this now you must press ctrl+shift+F. if you do anything before pressing these keys you will have to start the tutorial again. ...