Ultimate Ways to Make Your Website Stand Out

Everyone in this digital world wants to stand out from the competition by leaving an auspicious impression on prospects with a creatively developed online presence (website/blog). Web developers and designers also are striving for innovation in their projects to beat other developers and designers in the market. But, how we can make a website look better and professional as well even while engaging potential clients or customers at the same time?

Having a great website or blog is not an easy job because it can’t simply succeed by outshining with solely design or content, but you may also need to consider other things like: user experience, navigation, functionality, mobile friendliness.

In this article, we are about to have a look at proven ways to make your website standout so you will be able to set your website on the path for ultimate success.

Keep the Design Simple

Overdoing with borders, colors, drop down menus, and fonts can be worst when designing a website either for personal or for business purpose. A visually overload website always have higher bounce rate because visitors will have a hard time looking at and will definitely bounce away for an appealing and attractive option. That’s why one should espouse a more minimalist approach when designing a website to engage more visitors. Having plenty of white space on your website can give your design elements more breathing room to grab the attention of search engine visitors to make them stay longer on your website.

Use the Proper Fonts

Consider fonts more than letters because they can make or break the way your website looks. Usage of fonts that match your brand and logo can be a great way to make your website look nicer. Whether you are designing it for business or just for entertainment purpose, you should use the fonts that represent your content more effectively. Fewer font styles on your website make it look more professional.

Easy to Navigate

Overall user experience should be one of your major concerns when designing a website for brand or business. Simple and easy navigation can contribute a lot to the overall UX of the website, so design it in a way that makes navigation simple. A great website is always easy to navigate and enables users to find the required details or information swiftly.

Tailor Landing Pages Accordingly

I will not write a lengthy landing page definition but it's a specific page of website or blog where a visitor “lands” after clicking a link, advertisement or promotion. That's why you should tailor your landing pages according to individual objectives or goals in order to keep visitors engaged effectively. For example, if your landing page is all about selling a product, then it must include all necessary details and information about the product along with proper Call to Action and finish line.

Write Quality Copy

Content is a vital part of your overall web design and contributes a lot in making your website stand out. Always write a copy that suits your web design and lends a hand to make it more professional in appearance. Content for the website if written well, shows your level of professionalism and make you unique from your competitors. Outsourcing web content writing would be a good option for you to make sure your content is compelling.

Optimize for Mobile

Allow your visitors to view your website on their mobile devices by making it mobile friendly. According to a survey, more than 80% of internet users own a smartphone and they use it to visit their favorite sites when it comes to finding something useful or interesting. Your site should be easy to view on mobile if you really don’t want to disappoint your visitors. You can also opt up for a mobile-optimized website theme to make it work for different screen sizes.

Get Found Easily

An appealing and easy to navigate web design is useless if your website is hard to find on the internet. Search engine optimization is the most effective way to make your website appear in top search result pages when someone searches for the things you offer. Develop a foolproof SEO strategy to optimize your website with keywords and search terms your audience would search for. Writing quality, engaging and informative content that's relevant to the needs of your visitors can be the very first step. Hence, you should use target keywords creatively in content, titles and Meta descriptions in order to appear in more search results.

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