Ways In Which Virtual Reality Will Transform Website Designs

Whenever we think about Virtual Reality or VR, we think about movies and video games. The virtual world turns out to be too good when it is seen through those specialized VR glasses. The enriched experience that this technology provides us with, has led to the use of VR in multiple industries, especially the web design industry.

Here, let us find out what SEO Agency specialists believe that VR can transform about web designs and contribute to a major evolution in the near future.

The advent of WebVR

Experts in the top Web Design Agency in the world are looking forward to WebVR?

When we are talking about WebVR, this means that unlike the normal VR, you would not have to use polarized glasses or download lots of applications to experience the virtual world. You would find websites now that have put VR into great use. Starting from hotel bookings to online shopping, these websites do not fail in giving you the best experience ever that too without any extra applications or accessories.

Since the last few years, WebVR was in a demo stage where developers were trying to integrate the technology into the browser, but now it has passed that stage. Along with providing an advanced and enriched user experience, Virtual reality will even improve website rankings.

Creation of brand new possibilities

With VR, you would get to discover new things more smartly. Your visitors would be able to do everything with ease and this would save their time from searching over cluttered categories in websites to find what they really want. Some industries that have put VR to use in their websites would include:

  • Hotel bookings
  • Architecture and real estate
  • Retail and shopping

There are many more industries who are trying to incorporate VR in their websites. This is just the beginning, with passing time it is expected that there would be more incorporation of this technology.

Creation of advanced style content for VR

We all know how important SEO rankings are. Keeping aside all the technical stuff, having quality content is mandatory for your website to come to the top. Creating VR content is now fun and easy with the increasing number of open-source libraries that are available all over. One can use tools like A-frame, ReactNext etc. in order to develop VR contents for their website. Though it would take some time to understand the full working procedures of these tools, but trust us, it is a time that is worth investing in. You should focus on creating content for websites that are compatible with all devices so that users can have an enhanced experience across different platforms.

Building on more VR experiences

Visiting a website, users see an array of options available for them to explore. They have to go through this cluttered topics to get all they want. Now imagine this, you have built up a website for a hotel using which people can book rooms. Incorporating VR to it, the audience would be able to see the real version of the room before they book it which would increase their satisfaction level.

People might now contact people residing in other parts of the world through VR technology. When text-based digital technology has brought the whole world in a small package, just think how VR technology can improve our experience and make everything more compact and easily-relatable.

Are challenges likely?

There are no doubt many advantages of incorporating VR into your website design, but you might have to face certain challenges for which you should be prepared:

  • VR is expensive- No doubt, with the amount of customer satisfaction that the technology provides, the price to pay is also quite high for many.
  • Great quality contents- Having VR embedded in your website would only work when you have killer content.
  • Internet Speed- Users to experience the true magic created by VR would need to have 5G mobile speed. Without this, everything would buffer and users would not get the true experience of this.


It has been predicted that VR in web design is going to be the next big thing. So if you are also related to this industry either directly or indirectly, then gear up to feel the changes with its incorporation.

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