Web3 And Its Possible Effects On Your Business Marketing

The new changes to the internet and the development of Web3 show that there is a new form of internet communication and interaction that is afoot. This article looks at the possible and probable changes and adaptations that Web3 is bringing to the world of digital business marketing.

What is the Web3 protocol?

Web3 is not, as many would have you believe, a new form of the internet. Nothing is being switched off and replaced. Instead, the idea is that all the tech that has come to the fore in recent times such as VR, AR, AI, and the concept of a life lived on the internet and in virtual reality is being added to the internet as we now know it. Aspects such as cryptocurrency and NFTs are the monetary requirements for this and a company such as okx.com provides some great insights to this at okx.com; explaining what the Web3 protocol is going to be and how digital assets will fit in. It’s a great place to start to get more informed. Thus, there are some expected improvements and tech developments that Web3 is expected to encapsulate and provide to both businesses and individuals who use the internet.

How digital marketing will be taken to a whole new level

Digital marketing has become the mainstay of most businesses advertising and marketing processes. The idea is to have a holistic marketing process that has at its core the digital components that will allow your business to communicate and interact with your target market and current clients and customers alike. It is a form of marketing that has developed in line with the developments made in technology and the rise of the internet. Every iteration of the internet has served to push digital marketing to the next level. Web3 will arguably take this digital marketing as we know it to an entirely new level. The available Web3 technology is such that businesses from around the world now look to add as much VR and AI to their marketing to take it to the next level. The aspects as discussed below are those that will arguably have the most impact on your business.

Automated marketing

This is all about the streamlining of the marketing process and making it more effective using automation. The use of a single automated platform that is integrated throughout the business is then used to drive all the aspects of the marketing process. It should control everything related to or linked to marketing, from tracking visitors, saving their preferences and personal details, noting what they have browsed or bought, and being able to then communicate with them around their most important issues or needs. An automated marketing process and system can thus:

  • Reduce time spent on marketing by human resources: If your marketing has been automated then there is less need for dedicated marketing and advertising teams. This can reduce labor costs and the time it takes to implement a cogent marketing process.
  • Allow more time to be spent on products and service development: It’s always written and advised that all businesses should focus the majority of their time and resources on the core business functions that define them. The products and services that the business sells can remain the core business function if there is an automated marketing process in place.
  • Can market the business to a wider range of people and clients: Automation is the best way to increase your reach. No human resource can receive, read, and respond to any marketing or information requests as fast and as efficiently as a well-designed automated marketing system. While customer relationship management is generally done best using a personalized and bespoke process, it is the lead generation at scale that automated marketing will arguably manage best.
  • Can be used to gather big data: An automated marketing system is the best way to gather big data. If this collection is automated and designed in a professional manner, then you are able to gather the type or kind of information that will provide for intelligent business decision making.
Virtual reality marketing

By adding a virtual reality component to your marketing strategy, the Web3 protocol aims to make use of the latest tech and trends to push your business brand. A virtual reality component added to your digital marketing will allow your business to build a better range of relationships with your clients and customers. The idea is to allow customers to interact with a virtual assistant, which will allow immediate responses and ongoing guidance for customers and clients. Virtual reality marketing is a concept that is happing right now and Web3 is going to provide the platforms for more businesses to be able to afford and access this new type of digital marketing. Virtual marketing is becoming increasingly immersive and multi-sensory and will arguably become the best means of interacting with clients and customers.

Decentralization for digital marketing

There is no one single storage center for data and marketing information when using a Web3 protocol. Information is held in separate locations and on various servers around the globe simultaneously. This is one of the best mitigating features against data theft and breaches, in that your customer data and information gathered as part of your marketing campaign is actually simultaneously available from anywhere with access to the internet. This decentralization of marketing data and safer storage of customer and client details has done away with any monopoly in regard to who has been collecting and storing this data such as Facebook and other platform businesses.

Blockchain for brand and business transparency

The distributed ledger technology that blockchain provides is all about transparency and provides the ability for all your marketing and advertising data to be stored in chronological order. It does however also provide for private as well as permissioned blockchains, which allows the user or owner to follow all data protection guidelines in respect of who can access or modify the marketing data stored in your blockchain.


Web3 is somewhat similar to the metaverse in that it has become a buzzword that many in the marketing world simply don’t understand. This article has attempted to give you some genuine insights as to the way that Web3 will develop and change your holistic digital marketing campaign for the better.

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