What is Mobile App Development Outsourcing and Its Benefits

mobile app development outsourcing

Mobile app development outsourcing is, first of all, external technical support for IT infrastructure. However, this concept is much broader: outsourcing includes the development of mobile applications and web portals, development of corporate websites, analytical tasks, etc. The main parameter of cooperation in outsourcing is the transfer of non-core functions to another company.

The term "outsourcing" means literally "application of resources attracted from outside", the main function of this tool is to optimize the costs and resources of the enterprise, that is, ultimately increase its income.

Development outsourcing can refer either to the entire scope of functions or to its individual components, such as user interface design or testing.

The most common reasons for outsourcing programmers include:

  • The need to reduce costs
  • The need to devote more attention to the core business
  • Performance problems
  • Desire to improve the quality of work performed

Main advantages of IT outsourcing

  1. Financial savings due to rent, personnel recruitment and training costs, equipment amortization, tax costs, and wages.
  2. When outsourcing, specialists will take over the creation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure of the company, and this, in turn, is an opportunity to reduce the number of specialists within the company.
  3. Exact fixed cost of the project at the start, choosing from several price options. Acceleration of development due to the possibility to parallelize several projects, giving them to different IT-outsourcers.
  4. Optimization of company development. When non-core business processes are outsourced, the management can pay more attention to the effective conduct of core business.
  5. IT-outsourcing allows solving tasks in previously unfamiliar spheres due to specialization of the executing company.
  6. At the same time, the level of competence of a specialized company is usually higher, which creates a field for new ideas and building up in-house expertise.
  7. Legal responsibility of the outsourcer for the result and terms of work makes the situation "Release is postponed for a month, the backend is not in time" impossible.
  8. Reducing the role of the human factor and related costs: a company that develops for you, for example, a corporate portal, is obliged to perform its part of the work regardless of who is on vacation and who is on sick leave.
  9. Outsourced development is advantageous in terms of the possibility of test-driving a small project before a large-scale task.

IT staff outsourcing services

IT outsourcing (or IT outsourcing) in simple words is the transfer of IT infrastructure maintenance to an external team of specialists. You do not hire them as employees and are not obliged to provide social guarantees and bonuses. Payment can be made both for specifically performed work and on a subscription basis.

IT staff augmentation services include

  1. Software installation, as well as its timely updating.
  2. Support of accounting and specialized programs and applications.
  3. Implementation of virtualization systems.
  4. Setting up archiving and migration to the cloud.
  5. Building network infrastructure.
  6. Configuration of physical servers and assistance in selecting quality equipment.
  7. Remote server maintenance.
  8. Installation and design of Wi-Fi network and auxiliary equipment.
  9. Database administration.
  10. DWH development.
  11. BI systems integration.
  12. Automation of unique business processes.
  13. Technical support of workplaces and much more.

What is included in IT-outsourcing

  1. IT infrastructure maintenance.
  2. Installation and configuration of local network.
  3. Migration to the cloud and administration of cloud services.
  4. Administration of physical and virtual servers.
  5. Emergency assistance.
  6. IT consulting.

Outsourcing of IT services is always prompt qualified assistance with the provision of reports on the work performed. If necessary, you can consult with a specialist or order training for your company's employees. It is like having an experienced mentor to whom you can always turn for help and advice.

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