Miscellaneous Why Logo Designing for a Brand is Crucial in Website Development

Why Logo Designing for a Brand is Crucial in Website Development

Fawad.Malik Miscellaneous Nov 13, 2017

Every brand or business identity has its own mark by which it is identified by the world and by which it connects with the world, regardless of whether it is operating from a brick and mortar office or virtually.

The well known brands or the corporate stalwarts have already established themselves but if you are a new comer in this vast business world, then every step you tread decides the fate of your business. And one such step is the logo you select for your brand.

You might think that it is just another logo that you choose but a lot goes into the making of a logo. Once you have given an overview of the requirement for other features of your company website, the most crucial part is the logo designs that you opt for that will represent your brand.

In this article, let us find out how important designing logo while developing a business website is.

Why is it important to design a powerful logo

When you hire the services of a company for developing your business website, you have to be very specific about your requirement. There are few aspects that you must take into account while logo designing and few of these points are mentioned below-

  • Convey the right message- The logo that you ask your website developer to design should be able to convey the right message about your business
  • It should appeal to visitors - It should be appealing and uncomplicated. By uncomplicated, it means that the logo should not consist of lines and curves that appear to have no meaning or is regarded as just another figure. The logo should by all means be attractive and catch one’s attention.
  • It should be attractive in color and black and white -Regardless of whether you want the logo in black and white or color, it should look good both ways.
  • Select an easy to understand font- The font that you use should be in accordance to the mood and tone of the website and this essentially means that it should be appropriate with the type of product you are promoting through the website.
  • Readable- The company name should be readable and visible or at least the acronym should be well defined.
  • Pay heed to color schemes- Color is one of the most vital parameters while designing a company logo. You can always seek assistance with regards to color schemes as there are several theories related to colors and selecting the same.
  • As per expert advice, there are many colors that instantly attract viewers while there are many that are enough to turn down visitors. So, you ought to know more about these theories before proceeding.

    In fact, it is always best to hire the services of an experienced website developer that have worked on similar projects and assignments before so that they can incorporate colors and schemes that will work in the best interest of your brand.

  • Stand out in the crowd- Your logo design must be unique. Since there are many companies same as yours offering similar products and services, visitors have a wide array of options to select from. But as an entrepreneur, your objective will be to draw as much web traffic as possible with your website design.
Tips for making powerful logo designs

Given below are few points that will help you to know how you can go about in making logo designs that will speak volumes about your company. Check out these tips-

  • Be clever in your approach while designing your company logo
  • When designing your logo for the company, just make sure that you have done your bit of homework. Draw up something that is smart and unique. Remember, plagiarism is not desirable and even before you start operating your business, you might be drawn into a long court battle as plagiarism is an offence that is punishable by law.

  • Understand the concept of your brand
  • Only, if you are able to understand the concept of the brand will you be able to translate the same into a logo. This is because a logo is after all an image that conveys a message.

  • Word mark or symbol
  • It is a well known fact that a logo essentially comprises 2 parts, namely, wordmark and a symbol. However, there are many companies that prefer to use just a symbol (example Mercedes and Starbucks) while there are many that prefer to use just words (Coca-Cola and IBM). So, choose your logo design that will best represent your company image and profile.

  • Achieving success is a slow process
  • Do not expect your logo to draw instant attention. It requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and planning to attain brand visibility. As such, you have to wait and watch how your logo is performing. If clients like your brand, it is sure to attract greater number of prospective clients over a period of time. And for that you have to offer the best possible products and services in terms of not just affordability but also quality.


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