Why Web Design Beats Content in Marketing

Content is king!

If you earn a dollar every time you hear or read this phrase, you’ve probably accumulated thousands of dollars by now. But did you know that web design has been proven to be more important in marketing than content?

This is something you might not have heard or read before. Indeed, it almost sounds blasphemous. Still, the power of web design cannot be understated. There’s a reason why web design professionals take time in choosing what colors to use, what side of the page to place a call to action, and what size of images prove best for your website.

Is Web Design the Unheralded King?

Any business builds a website to solidify the trust of potential customers. And when it comes to trust, research shows that website design elements play a more significant role than the content itself.

According to a survey, nearly all participants pointed out web design elements when asked about why they didn’t trust a certain website. Only a handful mentioned the actual content.

This highlights the fact that looks still matter, regardless of how awesome you think your content is. An easy way to understand this is the immense popularity of social media websites as a marketing tool. You create the content for your marketing campaigns, but Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube take care of how it is initially presented to your target market.

People Trust What They See

SEO Resellers Canada reminds online businesses that online users judge a website’s credibility according to what they see, not what they read. You probably know that only a small portion of visitors read the entirety of your posts, but they are quick to make a decision about reading your content in the first place or leaving your site right away.

This judgment is based on a multitude of factors including the complexity of the site layout, noisy interruptions such as pop-ups, and slow load times.

Although beauty is largely subjective, all webmasters would benefit from ensuring that each design element is included for a reason.

Build Confidence Through Design

It’s easy to say that the best way to establish your authority is to offer informative and valuable content to your readers. But neglecting design is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. Also, don’t limit your choices to what appeals to you. Considering the needs of your audience proves far more beneficial in creating the kind of website that engages their attention and earns their trust.

At one point or another, you want visitors to turn into actual customers. But before that happens, they need to be confident in your business. Confidence can be built through optimizing your design elements – from a straightforward site navigation and an uncomplicated layout to conversion-friendly colors and plenty of white space.

Each element contributes to how professional you appear to potential customers. Professionalism is judged differently from one industry to another, so take the time to learn about the standards and expectations in your particular niche.


While content is undoubtedly important, it should be complemented by good web design. How your website looks and functions are just as vital to the success of your business as the products or services you offer.

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