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Why You Should Be Blogging As Soon As You Can

You have probably heard there are many benefits to blogging. It can be hard to know the main reasons though. How long should the blog be? Where should I upload it? What exactly are the benefits? The list goes on and on. That is why the experts from our favorite New York SEO Agency are here to answer those questions for you and more. Keep reading to learn about why your business should be blogging.

Increase your SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and that is where your website ranks on sites like Google and Bing. It’s important that your website ranks as high as possible so more people are able to find your website, click on your website, and become paying customers. This all happens if you have an SEO strategy. One of the ways to increase your ranking on Google is to blog regularly. Blogging will help to bring new content to your website which is what Google likes to see. It’s important to blog consistently though. If you throw four blogs up on your website and then don’t blog for a couple of months it won’t help much. Try and find a time to write a couple blogs for the entire month and then you can either schedule them on the backend of your website or you can have them ready to post every other month. Many companies get excited about increasing their SEO.

Show you are knowledgeable in your industry

When you blog you are showing you know your stuff about your industry. When you are choosing a blog topic you can think of questions you are asked on a regular basis or tips you can give. This will allow people to realize how educated you are about your business and that you are a smart company. Although you may not want to give away all your tips, it’s okay to give away a lot. Those tips will convert people into paying customers because you have built trust with them. If you are sharing a tip a reader had never heard of before this will help readers to learn something new and will want to stay on your site longer and end up glancing through it. The longer someone is on your site and searching through it the more chance they are of ending up becoming a customer. People being on your site longer will also help to increase your SEO.

Bring new readers to your website

One of the best ways to bring new readers to a website is by blogging. Blogging allows new readers to be on your website and reading your materials. If someone is searching for a topic about your blog, if your blog is optimized, it will typically appear on Google and have the customer click it. Once they are done reading it they are on your website and if they liked what they read they may do some digging to find out more about your business and what you offer. If you share your blogs on social media it’s an easy click for readers to have and it will bring them straight to your website. There are always people ready to learn more and find new tips and blogging allows you to share just that.

A blog can be your views on a topic

It’s YOUR blog. That means your ideas are allowed. On many pieces of writing, talking about your option, your view on a subject matter is a no-no. Since it is your blog and your website, you are allowed to say your views, in fact, they are encouraged. This will show a lot about you as a business in what you believe in and what you support. So, go ahead, blog about topics in your industry and share what you think about them and what the future holds for them. You may end up getting more readers than you thought.

Develop a relationship with readers

Blogging is great because you typically will start developing regular readers. There is normally a little subscribe button on a blog and people can hit that in order to see your blogs each and every time you post a new one. Your voice is able to be shown more throughout the blog so it is more personal and you develop more of a relationship too. Finally, you can also connect with other bloggers out there. You can end up being guest bloggers which will increase your SEO and bring more people to your website. It also will help your online presence increase by having your name and your business on multiple sites. You can even switch with businesses and have them guest blog on your website so you have a new view on a subject matter. Whatever you do and whatever your reason for doing it, blogging helps to develop your relationship with your readers.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to blogging. Try and set aside one day per month and write a couple of different blogs. Make sure you have someone check them over to ensure there are no grammar mistakes. You can also put them through a website like Grammarly to help find any mistakes so you Google ranking doesn’t decrease instead of increase. If you are would like some assistance with your blog or you have any questions about blogging, give us a call today!

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