Miscellaneous Work On The Go: The Best Image Editors For Mobile

Work On The Go: The Best Image Editors For Mobile

It seems nowadays we never truly switch off from work and when you’re in the web design game that means always having some means of editing on your person.

For the most of us, that’s carrying around our laptops and Macbooks. But the smaller, image editing jobs are becoming easier than ever before to do on our mobiles. Editing software on smartphones are advancing closer towards their desktop cousins and with a wealth of different apps out there it’s impossible to know which are the best without some incredibly extensive research.

However, that research we have done, and narrowed down our very favourite mobile image editors…

Snapseed, Free

Snapseed is a free app for Android and iOS devices and allows users to adjust exposure, sharpen images as well as adding filters.

It’s one of the more basic tools, which you’d probably expect with a free app and most reviews suggest this is very much for beginners. You can add filters and text, making it ideal for social media campaigns and the more basic of images.

Adobe Illustrator, Free

Adobe have a huge range of image editing apps for mobile. Illustrator is the perfect app for graphic designers and allows you to send images across their apps including Photoshop, Capture and Illustrator for desktop.

It allows you to do work on the way in to the office and has all the key tools including being able to layer as well as adjusting, duplicating and merging each one. You’ll get five different tips, with the ability to adjust colour, size and opacity.

Alongside Illustrator, Adobe’s Photoshop Express continues to get rave reviews and is a key part of the Photoshop family. It’s a great mobile effort and one that continues to be at the spearhead of the mobile image editing world.

LightX Photo Editor, Free

LightX is one of the newer additions to the mobile photo editing world but is already making a big name for itself. This all-in-one picture editor has a range of tools that allow you to merge photos, add splash effects, play with the exposure and even change the background of images.

It’s an app that is certainly worth keeping an eye on as it continues to adapt and add features. We can see this eventually being one of the very best on the market, but for the meantime you may have to put up with a few glitches.

Prisma, Free

Prisma is pretty much the Marmite of the image editing world, but is perhaps worth a nod. Very few pieces of software can transform photography into artistic impressions quite like this app and if a job requires this - or you just fancy it yourself - then you can’t go wrong with it.

A lot of filters are in-app purchases with this app but there is plenty to get started with, including the styles of Picasso, Van Gogh and Levitan. You can have a lot of fun with this app, whether it’s something to be taken seriously is another matter.

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