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3D Platonic Object

First off, select add floor object from add light object.

image 1

Now go to objects>>primitive>>platonic. With your mouse, drag your object above the plane.

image 2

In the materials window, go to file>>new material. Change the colour to whatever you like. I chose green. Check off the box beside reflection. Click on reflection, and set the brightness at about 25%. Check off the box beside specular, and use the settings below:

image 3

Drag you material to your platonic item under the objects window. Make another material of a different colour for the background. Hold down the add light object button, and select the add light object button.

image 4

In the attributes window, under general, set the shadow to soft. Create another light and place it on the other side of the object. Go to render>>render settings. Set the antialiasing at best. In the multi-pass section, check off enable multi-pass rendering. Hold down the channels button and select add all. In the output section, set the size at about 475X360. Now go to render>>render to picture viewer. You're done! Here is the finished image:

Or, you can use the same steps with a sphere instead of a platonic object:

3D Platonic Object

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