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Building Stilistic: Into to Boolean Objects. Part 1

nathanael Tutorials Dec 16, 2005

This is the first of two tutorials I'm doing teaching how I created the orb on the enter page of Stilistic. The first tutorial will teach you about the boolean object in Cinema 4D. So lets get started.

First we need to create a sphere, this will be the exterior of the orb. You can either go to Objects > Primitive > Sphere or you can select sphere from the Object Icon image 1.

Now in the Coordinates Window (if you are in the defaul view its on the bottom) change the size to 230m (you only have to change this for either x, y, or z; after you change one the other 2 will change as well)

Next in the Attributes Pannel change the Segments to 100

image 2

Now create another sphere. This time change the coordinates to 227. This sphere will be used for the interior of the orb.

image 3

Now, in the Objects Manager (upper right of the screen) click the first sphere and while holding shift, click the second sphere. With both spheres selected, right click and select Group Objects from the dropdown menu. Your two spheres are now combined in one Null Object

image 4

At this point you have two spheres, not much is going on yet, so lets add some excitment to it.
Now create a Capsule ( Objects > Primitive > Capsule or you can select sphere from the Object Icon image 1 )
Next change the coordinates to
x - 104m
y - 208m
z - 104m

image 6

Now create 3 copies of the capsule ( ctrl+c to copy. ctrl+v to paste) do this 3 time to get a total of 4 capsules.

Next press F2 to switch to the top view. Now with one of the Capsules selected grab the move tool ( Tools > Move , or the shortcut key E )
Now what we need to do is move the capsule so it is aligned with the center top of the sphere, so the capsule is half way in the sphere. Do this with each capsule, so they is a capsule at the top, right, bottom, and left of the sphere. You can use this image as a guide.

image 7

When the capsules are aligned you can switch back to the prespective view by pressing F1 Your scene should look similiar to the image below.

image 8

Now in the Objects Manager selected the four capsules like you did with the two sphear. Again right click and select Group Objects. Just like the sphears, the four capsules are now in a Null Object.
Now we're going to create a Boolean Object Go to Objects > Modeling > Boolean

In the Objects Manager drag your two Null Objects into the Boolean. The order the Null objects are ordered in inside the Boolean is important; make sure the Null Objects with the sphears is first and the Null Object with the capsules is second.

image 9

Now, with the Boolean Object select, head over to the Object Properties in the Attributes Pannel (this is under the Object Pannel). In the Object Properites, change the Boolean Type to A subtract B

image 10

Your image should now look like the one below

image 11

We're pretty close to being finished, now all we have to do is add the interal sphears.

So now we'll make yet another sphear. In the Coordinates Manager change the size to 162m.

Again create a sphear, and change the size in the Coordinates Manager. This time change the size to 78m.
Finaly create a HyperNurb ( Objects > NURBS > hyperNURBS . Now in the object manager, drag the two sphears and the two Null Objects into the hyperhurb.

image 12

Well thats all for the modeling. You can stop now and add your own materials; or you can keep following the tutorial. On the next page I will go through the materials and the scene (the floor and the sky). As of now you should have an image that looks like this:

Building Stilistic: Into to Boolean Objects. Part 1

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