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Character Render in Autodesk3dsMax

Step 1: First of all adjust your units (Customize - Units Setup) and Gamma Settings (Customize - - Preferences - Gamma and LUT tab). Then bring your objects to that scene. Make sure everything is nearly real world size.

Step 2: I used 2 mr Sky Portal lights. How near or far the light to an object really matters to the lighting so place your lights optimally.

Step 3: For kelvin control, put a mia_black body to the Portal lights Color Source ( to unhide it in 3ds Max 2010 look at this link: ). Here are the settings of the lights and mia_black body material for Portal Lights.

Step 4: Create a Plane and link it to your light and assign an A and D material to the plane and put a Gradient Ramp in the Cut-Out map of this material. They will give a soft edge to the light. I used 3600K for the little light and 4600K for the bigger light. And lowered the Shadow Samples for the test render.

Step 5: We must make Gamma adjustment to our textures. I put a Gamma and Gain (mi) shader in my Diffuse slot of A and D material. Use this shader if textures looks 'washed out' in your render. Play with the Gamma setting of the shader.

Step 6: For the Exposure Control, use mr Photographic Exposure Control. Equalize the lights Multiplier with the Shutter Speed of Exposure Control.

Step 7: Here are the Final Gather Settings.

Step 8: Here is my result. I made some Color Correction in Photoshop. That's all for this tutorial. I hope you found this tutorial useful. Thank you for reading

(Credits to Jeff Patton for the 3ds Max Gamma Configurations tutorial. Credits to Zap Anderson at "Zap's Mental Ray Tips" for exposing Mental Ray standards)

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