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Creating a Cool Material

Tibs Tutorials Jun 25, 2007

I will try to teach you a few things about making materials in this tutorial. This tutorial will allow the people who used my previous tutorial ( How to make a Microbe ) to give their result a nice effect.
I hope you learn something by using this tutorial and always try your own things. It will allow you to create nice glowing effects.

Begin by making a new material; do this by opening the Materials window if this wasn't open already. If you can't find it just press " Shift + F2 " or go to the " Window " menu and select " Material manager".

Now I will show you the different settings to make the material. You can experiment with your own settings to get a nicer result and learning what a specific setting does to give different end results.

The settings:

image 1

image 2

image 3

Ok this is what you could come up with.

Creating a Cool Material

Thank you for following this tutorial I hope you learned something or at least enjoyed yourself.

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