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Glassy Abstract Tutorials May 15, 2006

1. Create a new document in cinema 4d, make a primitive sphere (Object > Primitive > Sphere):

image 1
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2. Switch to the 4 port view by pressing F5:

image 2
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3. Now add a glass material to your sphere.  If you dont have any, we have a tutorial on how to make some of your own in our cinema 4d tutorials section, or you can download some nice free ones in our download section:

image 3
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4. In your spheres attributes, set the number of segments to about 100:

image 4
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5. Duplicate your sphere, and select the Scale Active Element tool (located at top of cinema 4d, or tools > Scale).  To duplicate the sphere, just click it, press Ctrl + C, and then Ctrl + V:

image 5
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6. Now that your scale tool is selected, drag to the right with your mouse while holding down on the sphere.  This will enlarge the second spheres scale.  Make it larger than the viewable area in your perspective port:

image 6
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7. Create a torus (Object > Primitive > Torus):

image 7
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8. Apply a glass material to it:

image 8
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9. Enter the coordinates shown in the coordinate panel below (located in bottom right).  Click apply when done:

image 9
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10. Duplicate the torus, and enter the following into the coordinates:

image 10
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11. Now group these Objects (not including the large sphere).  While holding shift, select the two torus, and the small sphere.  Right click when they are all highlighted, and click, group objects:

image 11
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12. Zoom out a bit in all ov your view ports until the large sphere is completely visible:

image 12
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13. Expand the large sphere again using the scale tool, until you are surrounds by it again:

image 13
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14. Copy your Null Object (in your objects panel on the right of C4D), and then paste 4 more.  Move these to different areas inside the large sphere.  If desired, make these grouped objects larger with the scale tool:

image 14
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15. Create a new light (Object > Scene > Light), and set it up as a Round Spot Light.  Using your Move tool, drag the light to the outer edge of the large sphere.  Then, using your rotate tool, direct it towards the center of the sphere.  Copy and paste the light 2 more times, and move them to different edges.  Direct them all towards the center object:

image 15
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16. Add a few Omni Lights (these are the default when creating new lights), and set the brightness to about 10%.  Drag these around your center object:

image 16
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17. Click on the large sphere object in your objects panel, and set its Coordinates attribute up like this:

image 17
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18. Continue duplicating lights, objects and moving your perspective view until you find a look you like!

image 18
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image 19
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image 20

Glassy Abstract

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