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Glossy Materials Tutorials Apr 26, 2006

1.Without materials, we see the default grey material on our objects we make:

image 1

2. This looks pretty lame, right?  Well, using materials, we can greatly improve the quality of our renders!  In this tutorial, you will learn how to make the glossy materials that I use in some of my renders.  First, create a new material in your Material Manager (Bottom of C4D > File > New Material):

image 2

image 3

3. You should now see a material in your Material manager (shown in the image above).  This material takes the standard appearance of the typical grey material.  We can change the appearance of this material in the attributes.  Double click your material to bring up its settings/attributes:

image 4

4. Set up your material as I have shown below:

image 5

This will set the color of your material

image 6

This will affect the glossiness of your material.

image 7

This will set up how the reflection of your material appears.  The Fresnel of the reflection affects the clarity of the reflection at different segments.

image 8

This will effect the way light is reflected off of your material.

5. Now, to apply this material to an object, just drag and drop it onto your object:

image 9

Glossy Materials

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