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Making a pen with polygon modelling part 1 Tutorials Aug 21, 2006

8. OK! Time to Start Modeling This Pen!

Were going to start with the Back End of the Pen. So make a Cylinder.

Either Click the Polygons Tab in your Shelf, the 3rd one from the Left.

image 1

Or go Create>Polygon Primitives>Cylinder

image 2

9. Now that we have our Cylinder, You can Press "f" on your keyboard To Frame anything that you have selected. Just make sure your mouse is in the View port You Would Like to Frame.

Now remember the Channel Box, Well we are going to Change Some Attributes. Make sure you have the Cylinder Selected by Clicking on it. And in your Channel Box under INPUTS click polyCylinder1. And Set the Attributes As follows.

image 3

10. Now at the Top Of your Channel box under pCylinder1 Find Rotate X and set it to 90.

image 4

11. Again under INPUTS in your channel Box Under polyCylinder1 Change the Radius to: 0.213 and Height to: 0.638 and line up The Cylinder in Your Side View port With the Back of the Pen. Using the Move tool ("w") on your Keyboard)

image 5

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

12. Now Right click and hold on the Cylinder in your Side View Port and go to Vertex. Marquee Select (So click and Drag) around the middle Vertices, and hit "w" for the move tool, and move it to the middle of the Top of the pen. Now do another marquee select on the front vertices and move them to the End of the end cap, where the Body of the Pen begins.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

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