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Making a pen with polygon modelling part 1 Tutorials Aug 21, 2006

18. Now the Pen is ALMOST complete, we have to do some minor details, and have to build it for smoothing.

Now, go into the perspective (Perps) View Port, now on the handle Part of the pen, go into face mode, Right Click and hold and go "Face". Now select a face by clicking the little blue square in the middle of a face. So select then and go Edit polygons>Extrude face, and extrude the face inwards. Do this to every 2nd Face on the grip.

image 1

19. Now would be a good time to save File>Save As... Name it, and put it into your Name_Pen>Scenes Folder.

20. Ok Now Time to build the Pen for Smoothing. We need cuts in the Mesh at the points where there are hard corners, so it looks like it's made of hard plastic, not like Clay. So go Edit polygons>Split Edge Ring Tool.

image 2

21. Now with this selected your cursor will look like a Triangle that has some degree of rotation to it. Now on you're to the pen. In your Side View ports (If it is not Full screen then, put your mouse over it and tap the Space bar.)

Now go to the back of the pen, And Right where the bigger body meets the End cap Click really close to where they meet. And you should get a nice line right around the model.

Now do it again, to where the end cap meets the body, again really close.

And yet again do it to the Very end of the Pen End Cap As seen in the Picture below, I have highlighted the Cuts you should have done.

image 3

22. Now put a Cut Approximately in the Middle of the Pen body.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

23. Now on to the Tip of the Pen. Still having the Split Edge Ring tool selected place the Following cuts but clicking and holding on one of the either Blue or Green Lines, and positioning the Line close to the latter one. I have the Cuts you should have done Highlighted in the picture below...

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

24. Now Time to smooth your pen to see how it looks! Right click and Hold over an edge on your pen and go to "object". Now click on your pen if it isn't green, and go Polygons>Smooth... Now you can go into your channel box on the left and click on polySmoothFace1 Node under INPUTS. Under Divisions, Click on the "1" and type in "2" And hit Return. Your pen should look like this, or close...

image 6

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

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