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Model a Seamless NURBS Human Character Tutorials Jun 02, 2005

Use "Complex tools" to model a Human Character

Setup The Character:

1. Start with primitives: 1 sphere for the head, cylinders for arms, legs and torso.

2. Shape primitives into more sophisticated models by inserting isoparms, pushing and pulling CVs, scaling and translating Hulls.

3. Place models in position to connect them together.

Create a seamless character:

1. Detach Surfaces and prepare for later Stitch

2. Rebuild Surfaces: Always use 0 to # of spans (before attach, fillet, or stitch)

3. Freeform Fillet between surfaces. 

4.  Rebuild  Fillet (Fillet becomes Chord Length, you need to rebuild to 0 to # of spans)

5. Delete History, to clean your surfaces.

6.  Global Stitch (to align Isoparms) settings on : -closest knot- equal parameters- normals-

7.  Attach second surfaces, Attach using isoparms : 

       (to hide seams use blend/ to keep corners, use : connect/ multi knot )

8.  Place seams where we can't notice it much.

Use this technique to connect eyes, ears, fingers, legs, arms or even nose.

Setup character for animation:

1. Use wrap deformer (creates a low resolution polygon version of the model)

2. Connect NURBS model to polygonal model (quads/ tessellation: general/ per span # of isoparm/ 1 to 1)

3. Have all Normals face the same direction

4. Edit polygons, Combine (merge, saw multiple edge tools)

5. Simplify model as much as possible.

6. Use low resolution polygonal model to setup the Skeleton.

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