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Modeling of the Head

Michel Roger Tutorials Oct 07, 2005

image 1

Use the templates and regulate the size of displayable textures on 512 pixels in Preferences/Viewport/Configure Drivers.

See Gauge

The images (head and ear)

Before launching out, a small sketch of the mesh we are aiming for will be made

This allows to plan with the muscular structure of the face in mind and guarantee of good possibility of facial animations thereafter.

image 2

Here you begin not with a box but a simple rectangular face.

In the Create panel choise Shape, with Rectangle for face, build a rectangle and convert into mesh by applying a Mesh edit.

To crush the pile (collapse stack) to have only Editable Mesh left

image 3

Adjust the polygon like the images.

image 4

image 5

Select the one outer edge and holding down the shift key use Move to move the edge away.
Max extrudes the edge and creates a new rectangle (quadrangle or quad).

image 6

image 7

Repeat the operation by adjusting the vertexes each time and make the complete eye shape as shown.
With Weld Target, weld the two vertexes to join the band of quads together.

image 8

Front view and profile after adjustment of the vertexes

image 9

Start with the top of the mouth now.
Select a face around the eye and all while holding shift key move the face.

image 10

Dialogue box appears and select Clone to Element.

image 11

The news face is then part of the same object.
An element in an max object is a group of faces not connected physically to the remainder of the object.

image 12

image 13

As with the eye, extrude to it surround the mouth shape and adjust as shown in these pictures of the two dimensions.

image 14

Circumference of the extruded mouth.

image 15

Extrude both edges like this.

image 16

Extrude like above and using Weld Target weld these edges to the lower eyelid.

image 17

image 18

Extrude the 3 edges like this.

image 19

image 20

Make Cuts as on the image below.

image 21

Select two by two the vertexes then weld each pair into one vertex.

image 22

The mesh should be as below after Collapse

image 23

Adjust the vertexes like bellow.

image 24

Modeling of the Head

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