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  Tutorials 3D Graphics Tutorials Static Tank Tracks

Static Tank Tracks Tutorials Jun 15, 2005

This tutorial explains how to create some STATIC tank tracks for any tank/tracked model!! A Quick explanation is we create a SPLINE in the shape of the tracks from the side, and 1 Track section, then DUPLICATE the section 30-50 times and ARRANGE it along the SPLINE...Read on

1. First we need to create a SPLINE 2. I Chose the AKIMA SPLINE (use whatever you prefer) 3. Create the SPLINE in the SIDE VIEW as shown and 4. Create a Track section, more on this in the next step...

1. Here you can see the track section from underneath showing the details that will face OUTWARDS around the track, I made it from a BOX with a few EXTRUDES, INNERS etc SCALED it down to roughly the right size...This section is gonna get DUPLICATED and ARRANGED evenly around the SPLINE

1. Heres the DUPLICATION part, so select the track section (Cube) as shown and 2. Select FUNCTIONS from the menu and 3. Choose DUPLICATE, in the pop-up 4. Type in something like 30 COPIES, 5. TICK GENERATE INSTANCES and 6. Set MOVE to 0 (zero) otherwise each one will be offset by 500 which is the default setting!!! Press OK and see next step...

1. Now what you get is a new NULL OBJECT with 30 copies of the track section (Cube) inside it 2. You cant see them as they are all in the same position here ;-) see next step to ARRANGE them...

Now to ARRANGE em 1. Select the NULL OBJECT containing the 30 copies 2. Choose FUNCTIONS and ARRANGE 3. In the popup box type "Spline" as shown which is the name of the SPLINE the sections will be ARRANGED around, press OK see next step...

Wohoo! Some tracks...BUT theyre not quite close enough, so instead of 30 we need 40 maybe 50 copies, this part repeating the last few steps may take a little trial an error, FIRST thing to do is to DELETE the NULL OBJECT that contains the 30 copies so we can make a new one with 40-50...

OK same again, 1. Select the track section (Cube) 2. FUNCTIONS and choose DUPLICATE 3. Type 45 or something 4. OK...

Static Tank Tracks
Click to enlarge

Again 1. Select the NULL OBJECT with the 45 Copies in, 2. FUNCTIONS and choose ARRANGE 3. Type "Spline" if needed and 4. Press OK, there you go some fairly detailed tank tracks...depending on how you build the track section the more/less detail you can have in each track section! Have Fun!!

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