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Google AdSense

Mark Tutorials Dec 21, 2006

Editors Note: According to the recent update to Google AdSense ad and image placement policy  associating images with your Google ads is now regarded as unacceptable practice. See details here.

In this tutorial I will teach your how to create those 50x50  or 40x40 icons next to your google ads. The images next to the ads are meant to bring attention to your text. It's a simple process that can help improve your revenue, let us get started. I used Dreamweaver in this tutorial.

Step1: Setting up work area and creating table.

Create a new HTML document; make sure you are on the design window. Click on the Table icon image 1 using the setting below create the table.

image 2

With that, you should have the table below.

image 3

Reposition the middle division to the Left as shown below.

image 4

Right click on the smaller cell and click Table > Split Cells the window below will come up, split the cell using the setting shown.

image 5

Click ok to accept setting.

Select all of the smaller cells as shown below

image 6

Click Window > Prosperities with the cells still selected change the Horizontal and Vertical setting as shown below.

image 7

Now click on the larger cell

image 8

and change the Horizontal and Vertical setting as shown below.

image 9

Step2: Adding images

Now create four 50x50 graphics and add them to the smaller cells. You can also add a random image script to change the images everything some new comes onto the page with the ads.

image 10 image 11 image 12 image 13

Click Insert >   Image and add the images to the different cells. As shown below.

Google AdSense


Well that is it, you can copy and use the script below.

<table width="360" border="0" align="center">
<td width="50" align="center" valign="top"><img src="images/adsense_table/50x50_image1.jpg" width="50" height="50" /></td>
<td width="297" rowspan="4" valign="top"><span class="style1">add ads here </span></td>
<tr align="center" valign="top">
<td><img src="images/adsense_table/50x50_image2.jpg" width="50" height="50" /></td>
<tr align="center" valign="top">
<td><img src="images/adsense_table/50x50_image3.jpg" width="50" height="50" /></td>
<tr align="center" valign="top">
<td><img src="images/adsense_table/50x50_image4.jpg" width="50" height="50" /></td>

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