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3D Effects

With this adobe photoshop tutorial you can ultilize the 3D Render filter in adobe photoshop to create nice looking 3-D effects for use in your web graphics. I used adobe photoshop 7. You can probably use older versions as well.

1. Create a new layer File > New. Choose any size you want, i just choose a simple 350x350.

image 1

2. Go into Filters > Render > 3D-Transform. Choose the shapes you would like to make 3d. u can choose either Cylinder, Sphere, Cube, or all of them together. its your choice.

3. After selecting the shapes u like, start filling in the box to the rite with the shapes, do as much as you like.

image 2

4. After that choose the button that shows a lil sphere with an arrow goign aroudn it. that will let u rotate and turn thsoe shapes into 3D! Now go to that space where you put those shapes in, now you can rotate the shapes making them 3D. After you got a position you like, choose ok.

image 3

5. Now that you got a lil 3D backgroudn going on, you can either add images or text or color to it to make it better. Imma add color and text.

6. To add color, go into Image > Adjustment > Hue/Saturation. A dialog will appear, select "colorize" and "preview." So it will show you have teh colors will look. Then just play with that a lil and pick a color you like, and choose ok.

image 4

7. Ok, now you have a colorize, trendy 3D effect goin on in your background. From here you can do many things, resize add more stuff, etc. Imma "crop" this image to about 350x90 and make a "demo" sig out of it.

image 5

8. Finally, imma finish this off by adding some text, and effects to it. Keeping it real perl simple.

Good luck and I wanna see how yours came out to. It should look something like this:

3D Effects

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