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Abstract 3d models from photos

PhotoshopAtoms 3D Effects Oct 19, 2009

First, get an image with a lot of color. In this example, we will be using this image:

image 1

Open the image in PhotoShop and then choose the Single Row (or Column) Marquee tool:

image 2

We will use this to make a 1px selection of a row (or column) within the image. When you click using this tool, it will make a selection of 1px, like so:

image 3

Press Ctrl+C to copy this selection, then paste into your original document in PhotoShop. We should have a 1px line:

image 4

We will goto Edit > Transform > Rotate 90° CW. Then goto Edit > Transform > Scale, and expand one side like so:

image 5

Next, right-click the layer and duplicate it, and line it up so that it is right next to the original:

image 6

Now goto Edit > Transform > Perspective, then drag one corner in like this:

image 7

Now Ctrl-click the thumbnail of this layer to make a selection. Choose a black, soft brush of around 100px. Paint the shadow in at the bottom, like so:

image 8

Now we will do the same for the other layer. Ctrl-click it to make a selection, then choose a slightly smaller soft brush and paint in the shadow:

image 9

We can create as many as we want, using different source images:

Abstract 3D Models from Photos

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