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Animated Egyptian Eye

Mike Doughty CorelDraw Nov 28, 2006

83. Next we need to set the timing of the frames. We will set the frame delay for each frame according to the following table:

Frame 1
Frame 2
Frame 3
Frame 4
Frame 5
Frame 6
Frame 7
Frame 8
Frame 9
Frame 10
1 second
.2 second
.2 second
.2 second
.2 second
.05 second
.05 second
.05 second
.05 second
.1 second
(1 second)
(2/10ths second)
(2/10ths second)
(2/10ths second)
(2/10ths second)
(5/100ths second)
(5/100ths second)
(5/100ths second)
(5/100ths second)
(1/10th second)

In the lower right corner of each frame is a small triangle. Click this triangle on frame one to set its delay.

image 1

84. Choose "1.0" from the menu.

image 2

85. Frame one is now set for a delay of 1 second.

image 3

86. You can select a range of frames and set the timing on all of them at once. Click frame number six, then Shift-Click frame number 9.

image 4

87. Click the small triangle in the lower right corner of one of the selected frames. In the menu choose "Other".

image 5

88. In the dialog, enter ".05" then click "OK".

image 6

89. Now frames 6 through 9 are set for .05 seconds delay.

image 7

90. Select frames 2 through 5 and set the frame delay to .2 second for each of them.

image 8

91. Finally, select frame 10 and set the delay for .1 second.

image 9

92. Now we are ready to export the animated GIF file. Setup the Optimize palette with these settings:

GIF - GIF89a file format
Adaptive - Uses an adaptive palette
No Dither - No dithering of colors

The example below is set for 256 colors. You can make a smaller file by selecting fewer colors for the palette.

image 10

93. Next click File > Save Optimized As... and in the following dialog provide a file name.

image 11

94. Here's the finished animation.

Animated Egyptian Eye Tutorial: Final Result

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