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Vector GraphicsAdobe Illustrator - is a vector graphics editor that will become your key decision to express yourself through artistic manipulations with images. You will find out its ease,simplicity and flexibility in usage, modifying or creating objects, changing their colors, shapes and forms. Adobe Illustrator will help you to discover an artist in yourself, proposing you bold and original ways of realising your ideas by means of its resources. Invention of new, fresh and extraordinary images and compositions will not seem you as a fuzzy and indistinct intention any more, just because you will know exactly how to perform it properly, using Adobe Illustrator and being sure in your success.
Make realistic and cool 3D effect in Corel Draw.
Give 3D effect to the 2D logo.
Editor's Pick of February, 2009
A three-dimensional image of our planet is really frequently used in business logos and web design layouts, so learn how to draw one.
Make 3D logo with extrude tool.
Learn how to create an interlaced rings in Corel Draw.
Select the Ellipse Tool, hold down the Control key, and draw out an ellipse shape. Holding down control will keep the ellipse proportional. You can make it whatever color you want your poker chip to be. I made mine blue.
This tutorial will teach you how to type text on a path, make adjustments to its placement, separate the text from the path, and straighten the text after it's been applied to a path.
In this detailed tutorial, you'll learn how to create a tasty peppermint candy cane for the holidays!
Editor's Pick in Vector Graphics, December 2006
This tutorial is done in Vector Graphics and will show you how to use Corel Draw to make a Broken Heart. The author has an easy-to-follow nine step lesson.
Illustrations created in all major vector drawing programs have a definite anatomy and share a common pattern. Whether you use Deneba Canvas™, Adobe® Illustrator®, CorelDRAW or Macromedia® FreeHand® you will find that this pattern exists even though each program may define the parts differently.