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Photoshop Workspace

1.  To bring up the Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts and Menu Dialog, you must first open up Photoshop and go to Window > Workspace > Keyboard Shortcuts & Menus…

image 1
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2.  Here you will have the window open up with the Keyboard Shortcuts tab selected.  In the following screenshot, I will explain to you what each function does. 

image 2
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3.  Next we will move on to the 'Menus' tab.  Basically what the menu tab does is that it enhances your ability to work faster, easier and in less time.  It colors your menu buttons to suit your style.  For example, if you are going to work on a website template, then you may want to choose 'web design' as your menu type.  As it will color the menus that will be frequently used by you as you progress on your design.

You can choose whether a menu option to be visible and choose its color.  This increases your chance of diversifying your menus and making your work much easier.

image 3
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4.  Next we will look at the Photoshop workspace feature.  This is a very spectacular tool for those of you that like to be organized and neat while working.  If that's you, then this is your tool!  A very sophisticated tool that allows you to save where your workspace palettes go, the following is a default Photoshop workspace area.

image 4
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To load into a default workspace area, go to Window > Workspace > Default Workspace.  Now let's get personal, if you want to make your own workspace area.  Then set your workspace area just as how you like it.  Know that set even the zoom on your navigator tab and your foreground and background colors as those will be included when loading your workspace!  To move a tab into another palette just drag the tab and drop into the palette you wish. 

5.  Once you've made your workspace just the way you want, go to Window > Workspace > Save Workspace…  Now a window will come up asking for a name and what you want to save.  Name your workspace and select all if you want to save everything that you edited (Keyboard Shortcuts, Palette Locations, and Menus).  Now press OK.

6.  Next go to Window > Workspace > and you will find your workspace all the way at the bottom.  Click it and Photoshop will automatically reset to your saved workspace!

image 5
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7.  Now you can also delete any workspace that you don't use by going to Window > Workspace > Delete Workspace…  You can also reset your palette locations, menus, or keyboard shortcuts in that workspace menu.  This will reset your option into default mode.

Photoshop Workspace
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This concludes our tutorial.

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