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How to Create a Fairy Using Photos

First separate girl from the background. I have used pen tool for cutting

image 1

Now cut out a flower. One petal of this flower is hidden, so i have merged other petal using clone tool and healing tool

image 2

image 3

image 4

Now reduce the size of flowers and place them here and there. Merge the flower layers.

image 5

I wanted to place some flowers between her legs. So here is a little trick. I have copied the "girl" layer and erased almost everything except her front leg.

image 6

image 7

Place the pink flower under the "girl" layer. Separate the flower from its background using magic wand.

image 8

Now place a butterfly behind the girl so that it looks like girl's wings.You can add little butterflies if you want. Color of the butterfly can be changed through  color balance (ctrl+b).

image 9

I will add some shadow now. Use Burn tool to give shadow using midtone range and exposure 50%.

image 10

Copy the wings layer. Put this copy layer under the original wing layer. now go to filters-blur-motion blur: Angle=0 and Distance=85. this will give the wings glowy effect

image 11

finally the background. I have used lens blur for the background.

image 12

image 13

Insert a new layer, place it on the top. fill it with #bb7711. And set the layer blending mode to soft light. This will make all the colors match with each other.

image 14

Its Done.

create a fairy using photos

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