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Actions Palette Photoshop Basics Jul 06, 2006

Open a photo or a new document. Just something to show this tutorial on. We're going to add a tag on it.

image 1

Let's say we have 30 pictures which we're going to add the tag on, but that's going to take ages. A clever man in Adobe invented the Actions Palette. With Actions you can easily add the same thing on many pictures.

The Actions Palette is placed in the right side in same box as History Palette.

image 2

Create a new folder by clicking "Create New Set". Then create a new action ("Create New Action") and then hit "Record". Now you're recording. Everything you're doing from now on will be recorded.

Hit "Stop Recording" in Actions Palette when you're finish.

image 3

...and that's how you do that.

When you're adding the tag on the following pictures you only have to select the actions you just made, and hit "Play Selection" in Actions Palette.

Actions Palette

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