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Smokin' Hot Pizza - Creating Smoke

Every time you see print ads for food products, one come across pictures of pizza, coffee etc with smoke coming out from them. The smoke gives an impression of fresh and very hot food item. In this tutorial we'll tell you how to create smoke coming out of a pizza. Start by opening an image of a pizza.

image 1

Using elliptical marquee tool create an ellipse.

image 2

Press Ctrl+Alt+D to apply feather to the selection. Apply settings as shown.

image 3

Create a new layer and fill the selection with white color.

image 4

image 5

From filter menu select distort>>twirl. Use settings as shown.

image 6

Press Ctrl+F to apply the effect again. Reduce the opacity to 50% from layer palette.

image 7

Duplicate the layer and press Ctrl+F to apply the effect again.

image 8

Now duplicate the layers and place it at the different areas of the pizza.

Smokin' Hot Pizza - Creating Smoke

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