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Alien Glow Background

1. Open a new document (300x300) - once opened fill the layer black, then go to filter > render > lens flare, do this multiply times. (position them however you wish) Here is what i can up with:

image 1

2. Click filter > sketch > chrome. I used these settings (detail:7 smoothness:5) - now lets add some color.. so press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘U’ - here’s the settings i used: (play around with these settings until you find something you like)

image 2

3. Duplicate this layer, and set the mode to ‘lighten’. Click filter > distort > wave (click randomize 3 times) now press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘E’ (this merges the layers both layers into one layer)

image 3

4. Duplicate the layer again, click edit > transform > flip horizontal and set blend mode to lighten. Merge this by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘E’.

image 4

5. Duplicate the layer one last time, click edit > transform > flip vertical and set blend mode to lighten, Merge this by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘E’. Here's your final result:

image 5

Optional: Using the color hue/saturation ‘ctrl + u’ you can change the color of this effect very easy.. here is what i got by change the color:

image 6

Using the above methods exactly.. but changing the color on stage 2 to a lighter green, i made this:

Alien Glow Background

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