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Blood effect

Step 1

Use Pen Tool to draw shape for blood.

image 1

Step 2

When finish drawing, click right buton of your mouse and select Make Selection.

image 2

Step 3

Open new layer.

image 3

Step 4

Select color.

image 4

Step 5

Color your shape with Paint Bucket Tool.

image 5

Step 6

This is shape and color what you get.

image 6

Step 7

Go to Property box>Layers>Layer Style>Bevel and Emboss. Use This layer style like in picture. If you have open smaller or bigger format, you can change this options.

image 7

Step 8

Go to Property box>Layers>Layer Style>Gradient Overlay. Use This layer style like in picture.

image 8

Step 9


Blood Effect

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