Broken planet

Step 1

Create a new document 1920x1200 and the create new layer and fill in black, goto Layers/Leyer Styles/Gradient and follow these instuctions: Blend mode=normal, Opacity=49, Use black to white and tick reverse, Radial and the angle at 90, last but not least scale of 88.

image 1

Step 2

Create a new layer and fill in white, then goto Filter/Render/Lighting Effects and change the styles to RGB, Negative=68 Intensity, Narrow= 78 focus.

image 2

Step 3

Now goto Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur and set it to 72 px radius and change the layer blende mode to Overlay.

image 3

Step 4

Create new layer and fill in black, goto Filter/Noise/Add Noise and use 12% for the amount and gaussian for the distribution and tick the monochromatic. Now goto Image/Adjustment/Levels and input 65,1.0,99 and click ok, now set your layer blend mode to screen.

image 4

Step 5

create new layer and press D on your keypad to make sure your forground and background colours are black and white. Now goto Filter/Render/Clouds, then goto Layer/Layer Style,ok set the blende mode to Overlay and the colours I use for the gradient are from left to right as follows, light blue, green, yellow and red (Colours dont have to be exact that is why I have not given exact numbers for you). Now angle it to 130 and scale it to 52. Now set your layer style to overlay.

image 5

Step 6

Ok create a new layer and place it above the background layer and layer 1. Now fill this in black and goto Filter/Render/Lens Flare and keep at 100% brightness and use the 105mm prime for the lens type, now position it just below centre and click ok.

image 6

Step 7

Click here and download image. Now upload to photoshop and then grab your pen tool and draw round it which I have on the image below. Once you have drawn round it right click on it and make selection, set to 0 and click ok, now go to Edit/Copy.

image 7

Step 8

Now create new layer just above the lens flare layer you have just done and press Ctrl and V and place it to the top right of the image, now grab your pen tool again and make a breaking shape like I have on your planet (Please refer to image below if struggling) now press right click and make selection, set it to 0 and press ok, then goto Edit/Copy.

image 8

Step 9

Create new layer above your last one you did and press Ctrl and V, now do this as many times as you like to make your broken planet.

image 9

Final Step

All I did is created a new layer and I grabbed the horizontal type tool and Typed UBL Designes, I did the text in black and then went to Layer/Layer Style/Stroken and set it to white and set the size to 1. I then Duplicate this twice, I then selected all 3 text layers and went to Layer/Merge Layers... I then duplicated again and merged again, last thing I did was set the layer to Overlay. I then followed this again for the Photoshop Tutorials text.

Broken Planet

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