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Cool Background

Start a new document. I used 800x800.

Go to Edit->Fill, use: Pattern, select custom pattern and choose this one:

image 1

image 2

image 3

Now go to Filter->Distort->Polar Coordinates

Options: Rectangular to polar.

image 4

Then apply. Filter->Distort->Pinch, Set amount to 100%

Then Press CTRL+F 3 times to reapply the filter.

image 5

Now apply: Filter->Distort->Spherize. Set amount to -100%

Then reapply by pressing CTRL+F about 3 times (its up to you).

image 6

You will probably notice the edging near the corners, to remove this, make a selection like the image on the left:

image 7

Then go to Select->Inverse

Then go to Filter->Blur->Radial Blur

Amount: 70.
Blur Method: Zoom.
Quality: Good.

That's it, just apply colors using hue and saturation and use it for your backgrounds/wallpapers.

image 8

Cool Background
Click to enlarge

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