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Cool Electric Effect

1. Make a new picture (CTRL+N) i used the format 477x250 pixels.

2. Press 'D' to reset your colors. Click on Filter > Render > Coulds.

3. Click on Filter > Render Different Coulds.

4. Press CTRL+I to invert the colors

5. Press CTRL+L to get the levels window up. Drag the 'middle arrow' all the way to the right, OK. (look at the image below)

6. Click on Filter > Stylize > Find Edges.

7. Press CTRL+I to invert the colors. You should now have something like this:

8. Press CTRL+U to get the Hue window up. Check the Colorize checkbox and change the Hue and Saturation until you have the color you want.

Here is my final result:

Cool Electric Effect

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