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  Tutorials Photoshop Special Effects Create Simple Abstract Shining Wave Line in Photoshop

Create Simple Abstract Shining Wave Line in Photoshop

psdvault Special Effects Jun 16, 2010

No Stock image is required for this tutorial. This tutorial is best for Photoshop CS2 or +.

Ok let's get started!

Step 1

Create a new document sized 470px * 330px, fill the background with black color. Create a new layer called "baseline" and grab a big white brush with 0% hardness, do a single-click on this new layer:

image 1

Hit Ctrl + T and enable the free tranform tool:

image 2

Compress this dot with the free transform tool, make sure you hold the "Alt" key while drag the top edge:

image 3

Reduce the layer opacity of this baseline layer to around 60%, you will have the following effect:

image 4

Step 2

Duplicate this baseline layer once. On the duplicated layer, again we use the free-tranform tool to scale it to a smaller size, and position it to the place as shown below:

image 5

Grab a smaller soft white brush, and do a few single-clicks along the baseline for some variety:

image 6

Step 3

Ok let's make a new brushset. Hit "F5? and bring up the brush window, apply the following brush presets:

Shape Dynamics

image 7

Other dynamics:

image 8

Make sure to tick the "airbrush", "smoothing" and "protect texture" settings. Save the brushset if you wish.

Then use the Pen Tool, draw a work path as shown below:

image 9

Hit "Ctrl + Shift + N" and create a new layer called "abstract lines", right-click and choose "Stroke Path":

image 10

Make sure you tick the "Simulate Pressure" on the new window:

image 11

and here is the effect you will have:

image 12

Step 4

On this abstract line layer, apply the following "Motion Blur" settings:

image 13

Hit "Ctrl + F" and re-apply this blur effect a few more times, and you will have following effect:

image 14

Use the free transform tool to scale it as shown below:

image 15

For variety, we can duplicate this abstract line layer a few more times, and scatter them around the baseline:

image 16

We can also add some highlights to the abstract line by duplicate the baseline layer a few times, and drag the duplicated layers to the top, resize each of them to smaller sizes and rotate them 90 degree clockwise: (increase the opacity to around 90% for the duplicated layers)

image 17

Step 5

To fine-tune the image, we can add the following adjustment layers to the image:


image 18

Color Balance

image 19

image 20

image 21


image 22

To add some particle effect around the lines, we can use the smart sharpen filter: (settings shown below, make sure you flatten the layers first)

image 23

and this is the final effect I have for this tutorial:

image 24

You can also experiment different colour scheme, here is an alternative version for this tutorial:

abstract line

That's it for this beginner-level mini Photoshop tutorial! Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Until next time, have a great day!

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