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Fire background

iceryu Special Effects Feb 19, 2010

You'll be learning how to make a fire effect with photoshop although it doesn't look like the real fire in real life. Ii tried my best. I found this out while i meddling around photoshop and the liquify effect. Well enough about that lets get started.

First start a new project with ctrl+N with the size 400 x 400 (pixel)

On your first layer(call it "fire) apply some filters

First Filter > Render > Clouds - to get a nice background make sure it has more white than black

Next Filter > Render > Lens flare - add the lens to the bottom of the pic

image 1

Next we need to blur it so the round circly things of the flare wont be seen. Do this by going to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur - add the right amount until your satisfied. as long as the circly things of the flare cant be seen too much.

Next create a new layer and fill it with black and set the blend mode to soft light.

You 'll get something like this

image 2

Now you'll need to liquify it to make it look fiery. Do this by Filter > Liquify or by pressing shift+ctrl+x on your keyboard

Play around with it till you get a picture something like this....

image 3

Ok. Now duplicate the layer and liquify it again this time you don't really have to worry about making it any kind of effect just play around with it till you get something like

image 4

With that layer set the blend mode to colour dodge

image 5

Since its quite bright make a new layer and fill it with black and set the blend mode to soft light you can change its opacity if you want to.

image 6

Now you've got the fire bg we wanna make a smoky effect behind. Ok now duplicate the layer. Name it "smoke". On the duplicated layer we need to blur it.

Do this by Filter > Blur > Motion blur - set the angle to 90 or -90 degrees its the same thing anyway. set the distance so you'll get something like this.

image 7

Now you need to liquify it (again hahaha). Liquify until you get something like this.

image 8

Now you need to add a colour for the both of them. Open up the gradient layer on the fire layer, Mode > Adjustments > Gradient map and set it like this

image 9

Ok, now on the smoke layer you'll need to add some colours for it to. Open up the gradient layer and set the colour almost similar to the first one.

Ok now we have to blend the layers on the smoke layer set it to lighten mess around the opacity and you done!

Here's my result:

Fire Background

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