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Image Built Out of Text Lines

WebDTools Special Effects Jun 10, 2010

Step 1: Introduction

This tutorial is based off something I did for my girlfriend around Valentine's Day. I obviously changed the actual words, since they don't concern the tutorial, but everything else stayed the same.

What I'll be teaching you shortly is how to take a photo or any other image and make it look like its built out of many text lines with some specific words standing out, delivering your message.

If you're a little lazy, like me for example, you can just write random characters for the small text lines building the actual image, and write the important text lines at the end, making them stand out just like in the image bellow. The image bellow is the final result that you'll be able to create after reading this tutorial.

image 1

Step 2: Picking an image and the areas you want to show

Bellow is the picture I chose to use for my image. It's a photo of the two of us when we were younger (I'm the guy on the left). I increased a little bit the Contrast of the Image ( Image > Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast ) and the Saturation ( Image > Adjustments > Hue / Saturation ) to give it a little burn or glow feeling, to make the colors look more alive or intense. You don't have to do this step if you don't want to.

image 2

After you pick your picture, you gotta figure out which part of the image you'd like to focus on. I feel that it helps out if you make the shape follow your overall theme. So for example, if you're making an explosion, go for some bubbly shape, similar to a cartoonish cloud, in this example, if its a romantic theme, go for a heart shape and so forth. So pretty much, on a new layer, draw a shape portraying the area of the picture that you'd like to focus on. Bellow is what I used:

image 3

Use the shape as a guideline for where you should position your text lines.

Step 4: Final Touches

Now that we got our photo, our theme and the shape for our image, we're ready to start! Lower the alpha of the two layers containing the image and the shape to 10% and on a new layer on top of everything start typing a small piece of your text. Make sure to have characters of all font sizes just to give it a richer texture. You can see bellow what I mean:

image 4

Now CTRL+Click on the text layer to obtain a selection of the characters (click on the little square with a T and not on the layer's name). Press on the eye icon to the left of the text layer to hide it, click on your Photo Layer to select it and then press CTRL+J to create a new layer containing only the portion of the Photo Layer that you had selected. Now hide your Photo Layer by clicking on its eye to see your result. Bellow is my result:

image 5

This is pretty much what you'll be doing for the next few minutes with minor adjustments. You want to make sure you are using different text lines, with different font sizes all the time to make it look less repeating and also make sure you change the alpha of each selection to anything between 10% and 40%. Also, don't be afraid to have text lines overlapping, as a matter of a fact, you WANT that to happen. After you do this step several times you will come up with something similar to the following:

image 6

Now that we got the base of our image simply add the final text on top. Write in big, bold, letters whatever message you have to send to your audience. Play with the text a little bit if you'd like, such as lowering its alpha, adding some gradients and so forth. At the end, merge all of your layers together (Layer > Flatten Image) and using your Sharpen Tool, sharpen up the big letters and the image overall to make it look more crisp. Bellow you can see what my result is:

Image Built Out of Text Lines

Hope you enjoyed!

I hope you guys enjoyed this short tutorial and if you have any questions just drop a comment and I'll be happy to help you out. Thank you for visiting our website and reading our tutorial and we hope you'll visit us again in the future! If you enjoyed our tutorial please drop us a comment and let us know! It really makes a difference!

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