Instant Smoke

1. Hey there, this is the first Tutorial in the 2003. Happy New Year to all of you.

2. The following method how to create a smoke texture, is only for those who want to create something smoky in just a few steps. It's not very precise. So if you want to create the smoke of a cigarette there are better ways to realize. Let's start.

3. Open a new document 500 to 500 pixel. Apply the cloud effect (Filter-Render-Clouds), color Black to white.

image 1

4. Now go to Filter-Stylize-Glowing Edges and use the settings shown on the right.

image 2

5. Now go to Filter-Distort-Wave and use the settings shown on the right.

image 3

6. Right after that go to Edit-Fade Wave Opacity to 100 % (or another value). Now you can play with the Blending settings below the Opacity. I this case I use the mode Lighten. You are ready.

image 4

Instant Smoke

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