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Magic ball with shine

1. Create a new document (500*500).

2. Fill the background with #000000 using the paint bucket tool.

3. Add a lens flare on the current layer with the settings from the screenshot (filter - render - lens flare).

image 1

4. For now, you should have something simple like this.

image 2

5. Now distort it like this (filter - distort - polar coordinates - polar to rectangular).

image 3

6. The next step is to rotate the whole image (edit - transform - rotate 180°).

image 4

7. And in the last strap we repaint step 5 but distort is with rectangular to polar instead of polar to rectangular (filter - distort - polar coordinates - rectangular to polar).

image 5

8. This last step is not necessary! I duplicated the layer and changed the blending mode for the new layer to achieve these effects!

image 6

Magic Ball with Shine

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