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Matrix Code

Ghost Special Effects Oct 30, 2006


image 1

Step One

Make a new document. I made mine 350px x 150px. Fill the document with black.

Step Two

Find a random picture that you would like to use. This image will not be displayed in the final result, however, it will produce all of the symbols needed. Browse through your computer (not photoshop) and right click the image you want. Choose Open with...>Notepad (or another word program).

Step Three

When the image is opened in notepad, it will produce a random code. Select a few lines of this, and copy it to your clip board by pressing ctrl+c.

Step Four

Go back to photoshop, and select the Horizontal Type Tool. Drag the text tool over the document as if you were selecting it all. There should now be a 'text-box' around your document. Paste the random code into the text-box by pressing Ctrl+V.

image 2

Step Five

Now we need to position your text so its vertical. Do this by clicking the Text Orientation button (located left of the font selection bar).

image 3

Step Six

Make this layer a small font, such as Arial on size 6, and colour it #66EF36. Change the opacity of this layer to 35%. Add an outer glow to it, by clicking on the image 4 button at the bottom of the layers list. Keep the outer glow as default settings.

image 5

Step Seven

Make another text layer using the same method as used in Step Four and Step Five. Make this layer Arial, size 10, and colour it #66EF36. Add an outer glow of #2AFF00, and an outer glow size of 6px. Rasterize this layer.

Step Eight

Now add a vector mask ( image 6 ) to the top layer. Grab the Gradient Tool, and drag it from about the middle to the top/top to middle (depending on whether you have black as foreground or background.)

Final Result

image 1

Enjoy! :)

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